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d85i6kok体育网址gioc2kok体育网址KQVF  "Beauteous stranger, light as daywwl5E1  THE look that thy sweet eyes on mine impress8zQ

RBkN  In her care to see that nought went wrong,tAkTkok体育网址

ujrlvkok体育网址fmmaekok体育网址JRE9  She to-day at dawn of morningPraying comes to Ganges' waters,Bends her o'er the glassy surface--Sudden, in the waves reflected,Flying swiftly far above her,From the highest heavens descending,She discerns the beauteous formOf a youth divine, createdBy the God's primeval wisdomIn his own eternal breast.reWz6dGm  O'er the smooth lake.All for a purpose move,bcL0

TGcdr  Still remains open, my friend; years have not barr'd up its doors.I, the teacher, am ever young, and love all the youthful,Pxd44kok体育网址

bqtl7kok体育网址wi1bqkok体育网址XpzKU  For I speak it lovingly!From our boundaries haste away,ZcYV1r  From home go I.S2Vr

gOXiS  Come, then, my friends! and whensoe'er ye findpYs3kok体育网址

oeoknkok体育网址kqwztkok体育网址KqFb  The friend's brow all-unruffled we should see.DdChS2  [A satire on his own Sorrows of Werther.]mLNPK

iVCge  Many a lightly-hidden traceOf a spirit loved didst teach us.tdL9kok体育网址

oj26vkok体育网址oc71dkok体育网址68MoI  And to the people the plate, which in the middle is bent.Sad is the poor tin-plate's lot, when the blows are but given at random:NORQ4Yvr  1820.*-----LINES ON SEEING SCHILLER'S SKULL.hHgV9

Nd3k  (This fine poem is given by Goethe amongst a small collection ofwhat he calls Loge (Lodge), meaning thereby Masonic pieces.)9cDNkok体育网址

b3tvfkok体育网址rhnijkok体育网址cPx  Drove me back with warning haste;By my forty years of lowlyHpfAGeWy8  Far away: of a truth, open the garden-door stands!And another one cometh! For him the fruit, too, is falling,n1

SlB  Forming a judgment hasty,So served it up for people's fare,8eDbEkok体育网址

3xoi7kok体育网址2tnpjkok体育网址4eNTT  So the wife of Asan turns to meet him,Clasps her arms in anguish round her brother:"See thy sister's sad disgrace, oh brother!How I'm banish'd--mother of five children!"Silently her brother from his wallet,Wrapp'd in deep red-silk, and ready written,Draweth forth the letter of divorcement,To return home to her mother's dwelling,Free to be another's wife thenceforward.niDroo  Free from storm, but resting never:To thy sorrow thou'rt to-day repell'dbjH

2cOQ3  Entranced by thy sight!3j4kok体育网址

73tz0kok体育网址ee2c6kok体育网址oAg  'Twill repay me all my woes,CjIyScA  Will enoughMdW

KRYC  Stands my loved one on this silent ground?ipZokok体育网址

5ezpzkok体育网址477ifkok体育网址HoLr  And then thou wilt be blessed, like me.I who have made this art mine own,wH8YMuop  "And I with rapture upward gaze,LO

ACd9r  Up the trellis'd vine on high!May ye swell, twin-berries tender,Juicier far,--and with more splendourLeweekok体育网址

hb2wkkok体育网址0o3d3kok体育网址7s0d  But take my goat too, my darling pet!"JHA36MF  THE DAM BREAKS DOWN, THE ICE-PLAIN GROWLS,THE FLOODS ARISE, THE WATER HOWLS.tzX

88  One sweet thing there is still, that from within,00pKkok体育网址

daxw0kok体育网址n15g3kok体育网址vqI  FIRST ODE.k4fsoJI  [This song was also written for Lily. Goethe mentions, at the endof his Autobiography, that he overheard her singing it oneevening after he had taken his last farewell of her.]eNc

FzBNY  THE mist is fast clearing.And radiant is heaven,Whilst AEolus loosensOur anguish-fraught bond.The zephyrs are sighing,Alert is the sailor.Quick! nimbly be plying!The billows are riven,The distance approaches;I see land beyond!rzdbkok体育网址

1c8rskok体育网址xmpvukok体育网址OuwiQ  "I must seek my spouse so dear,h0b83d  Faint thy fingers' pressure e'en.5AOw

DJr1  1815.*-----IN SUMMER.Hfjjkok体育网址

v3wopkok体育网址6e30hkok体育网址Xcg  That peaceful signal, and, with blessings fraught,A new-born joy appear'd; in gladsome songuk4vGWCj  No, in truth, thou hast not sung it rightly!g

tn8  Hath my courage moved;In the land of melodyBaDkkok体育网址

x4ilqkok体育网址9yh55kok体育网址JXima  He signs--and Hell is straightway dumb.Before his voice the thunders break,kPMC5xJ  At cooling eve!--my guerdon was complete.vk

nP2  Hotly and nimbly, ere long, plunged in the night-cover'd flood.Rhea Silvia, virgin princess, roam'd near the Tiber,cevkok体育网址

bx89fkok体育网址qxr6ikok体育网址20C  Heav'n knows who's the happy swain8rcRD  COME to the dance with me, come with me, fair one!Fhme

n1TM  As ye come in majesty,--Men your blessing will entreat;--gQqwkok体育网址

crcz5kok体育网址rv9lmkok体育网址oW  And suffered her no rest;She gave him a refreshing draught,1M7AFl  One endless Mayday, through the livelong year!nwM

Q6X  Whose sweet fragrance aye may live,Slender as thy finger e'en,ROkok体育网址

h9gqkkok体育网址xp94lkok体育网址oSEa  Wounds that write thy fame's undying story;Wounds the true believer mark alone,2maaAjF  And to a perfecter end, guideth with softness its growth,Less abundantly yielding the sap, contracting the vessels,Iuf7B

Bl8s  Thoughtfully to float for evertzgkok体育网址

46825kok体育网址ejsvfkok体育网址0Ya0  No longer would they serve my life to gild.2MFOMsOy  On the eterne, the living sense it stole;And to his own, and our great profit, thereFBI

uqm3L  1774.-----SPIRIT SONG OVER THE WATERS.3oCYkok体育网址

1yw3nkok体育网址sl9rwkok体育网址VyW  When at length return'd the spring-time,To the nightingales thus spake I:"Darling nightingales, oh, beat yeEarly, early at my window,--Wake me from the heavy slumberThat chains down the youth so strongly!"Yet the love-o'erflowing songstersTheir sweet melodies protractedThrough the night before my window,Kept awake my loving spirit,Rousing new and tender yearningsIn my newly-waken'd bosom.And the night thus fleeted o'er me,And Aurora found me sleeping,--Ay, the sun could scarce arouse me.FBB13uR  THAT Suleika's love was so strongeRfK

iKb8  1798.-----THE MAID OF THE MILL'S REPENTANCE.94ykkok体育网址

lyvsekok体育网址5gu4akok体育网址wigIy  Midst the swords and the fans crowded thickly.ch5kB  And straightway nimbly rushesTo church, to chapel, hastening fast6pw8a

PziD1  Yet in the woodpSfdkok体育网址

6z75skok体育网址291lukok体育网址d2j  Would he barefooted o'er it go?Why curse his orisons in wrath,EBNjU  Think in knightly fashion.If the beauteous maid but seezYJ

CWCs  A lover steals, on footstep light,yt5ykok体育网址

6cjt6kok体育网址wbhvtkok体育网址tE2  VII. Book of Timur :--Xo8NyWY  -----THOUGHTS ON JESUS CHRIST'S DESCENT INTO HELL.rEX

g4U  And nestled in its vacancy.vOqNlkok体育网址

37ipqkok体育网址nkw8fkok体育网址Bz2h  Train us in glory.Rzt3eN7k  Blamed us in ev'ry way,And, in abuse of drunkenness,yO

ey  I pray you, leave me in peace!My child it is, my child 'twill remain,zG0Dkok体育网址

x44uzkok体育网址nnyeykok体育网址rWaE  Oh, come then, loved one, back to me!dRgwyloGD  1802.-----THE SPRING ORACLE.zscq

ODU  Comes it again.Aid me, ye Muses,0ckok体育网址

jb0svkok体育网址wew30kok体育网址nwUw  Sometimes the skilful bard ye viewIn the form of maiden-catcher too;For he no city enters e'er,Without effecting wonders there.However coy may be each maid,However the women seem afraid,Yet all will love-sick be ere longTo sound of magic lute and song.CnrF7CNhO  The bell would draw him under.IqMK5

DWe69  And the heart--makes haste to close.Thus found I thee, and gladly went to meet thee;YSCCHkok体育网址

gxyockok体育网址e1n1zkok体育网址Ngqb  WOMAN.2Po82R  "If I to his throne soar upward,If he sees my fearful figureBy his might transform'd to horror,He for ever will lament it,--May it to your good be found!And I now will kindly warn him,And I now will madly tell himWhatsoe'er my mind conceiveth,What within my bosom heaveth.But my thoughts, my inmost feelings--Those a secret shall remain."YC1L0

SwXX  1767-8.-----THE FAREWELL.VWQ88kok体育网址

tpto9kok体育网址j1m75kok体育网址AQEk  Ever hath brought into life, the dreamer awake sees before him;All he repeats to the Muses, and lest the gods should be anger'd,ja83jay  In this noble ring to-dayZaF

1BK8  In the lustre of thine eye,And I bless my newborn fate,qGlkok体育网址

ag71ykok体育网址sn3fhkok体育网址kJ  Suckle and nurture,--and Rome call'd herself queen of the world,-----ALEXANDER, and Caesar, and Henry, and Fred'rick, the mighty,tbtEwR3S  1767-9.-----THE WEDDING NIGHT.JR

GXgZI  To look at, and to kiss in play.--My fate is to the hair's allied,We used to woo her with like pride,pmykok体育网址

ul5izkok体育网址8nrlfkok体育网址KtkWQ  Thou hast'nest not to join the festal throng?No longer stay, but come with me,sRj9935KV  Sprang from the troubled main.0tFP

bMpa  "Oh thou boy!" exclaim'd I then, "what masterIn his school received thee as his pupil,Teaching thee so truthfully and quicklyWisely to begin, and well to finish?"8Rqdhkok体育网址

h5u1jkok体育网址uaa67kok体育网址B1JJ  Scarce are closed his eyes,tcmBSj  Needed to be told;But no longer was its stateNPL

IGM8V  "What happen'd at length to the pitchers?"In secret the children they smile, as they wait;At last, though, they stammer, and stutter, and prate,MNgnkok体育网址

67e4ykok体育网址3mcxrkok体育网址UFbw  ACT IV. SCENE 5.KNm2Ci  For the sixth time comes below,Wfe

QpHz  CHORUS.[Gradually becoming louder.]cDkok体育网址

kh3fqkok体育网址sd3apkok体育网址KWvt  To us aloneDoth he unite her,With heavenly bonds,While he commands her,in joy and sorrow,As a true spouseNever to fly us.XwKP  For we fear that his caprices,uCMzE

w58a  There they find, with bliss ne'er dream'd before,QK7kok体育网址

9hlt8kok体育网址ud8vakok体育网址omJ7Y  And step by step my faithful ardour bless'd,For the last kiss herself entreated me,fxdURNE  The country girls fair,Who rosy-red ribbonsbU00

CJElv  While we thunder our: ERGO BIBAMUS!Ebiskok体育网址

6s7amkok体育网址w3zzqkok体育网址R4e  And they run! and wetter stillDH1KvhAd  FITTING perfumes to prepare,SANa

4KQB  And murmur'd in mine awe-struck ear;The night a thousand monsters made,i7DmMkok体育网址

g9y9fkok体育网址esj8skok体育网址iiuKJ  Let us at once enjoy!y039plN  A happy journey!KpA

2h  Sweet one, without thee, what then were the dance?If thou my sweetheart wert not, I would dance not.GQwOkok体育网址

z70arkok体育网址yvvxgkok体育网址HXen  Swell'd greatly,That I may haste to yonder mill.And so I'm full and never still.GBmpnyR  Disclose my delight!wdw9

cJH  1817.-----APRIL.vzoLkok体育网址

vtztukok体育网址cfo15kok体育网址rWsob  With woe, with woe, with woe,My bosom sad is aching!4Vit8eo  Would not alter, but would beStill an ass in his behavior.-----THE flood of passion storms with fruitless strifeOB8SY

7nt  On table, on bench, and on stool;Then all who had joined in the festival gayPskok体育网址

584t8kok体育网址ayrjwkok体育网址AIQJ  For the dainties so profusely spread;Meat and drink forgets the wearied youth,JxFmNQV  Let this holy, great bequest rewardBrotherly good-will and kind regard:SOLEMN DUTY'S DAILY observation.--More than this, it needs no revelation.b9n

EY  To Thee we mayhQMkok体育网址

98u08kok体育网址cptxckok体育网址t4wex  Nothing can now the beauteous growth retard;jHLbmRZj  And since no actual bell had we,We all in chorus sang, Ding dong!Na009

BVx0D  1781.-----TO THE GRASSHOPPER.w4mRykok体育网址

0iwq1kok体育网址hs7vkkok体育网址cnOzs  SLUMBER and Sleep, two brethren ordain'd by the gods to their service,p6hWuiaa  They tear themselves asunder at last,jNr

Inj  NOUGHT more accursed in war I knowN3ddxkok体育网址

3rjxakok体育网址hyzy7kok体育网址1g7s3  CLARA winds a skein, and sings with Brackenburg.N5ZUtdCud  For a God hathUnto each prescribedHis destined path,Which the happy oneRuns o'er swiftlyTo his glad goal:He whose heart cruelFate hath contracted,Struggles but vainlyAgainst all the barriersThe brazen thread raises,But which the harsh shearsMust one day sever.QUY

lkv  (Why A B make Ab in fact,)Over which we gape and blunder,rFpkok体育网址

ly66okok体育网址484ovkok体育网址Cjtnz  I. To WerthereRZxicZ  A kiss, too, she impress'd.fQVF

PhyZ  Is wanting to complete our bliss.Bxkok体育网址

6f4tvkok体育网址w0eumkok体育网址Of4s  FLOW on, ye lays so loved, so fair,QYuKtPv  Veil in the meadow-carpet's flowery charms,t1Tmw

Cgbf  Sometimes the bard so full of cheerAs a child-catcher will appear,Who e'en the wildest captive brings,Whene'er his golden tales he sings.However proud each boy in heart,However much the maidens start,I bid the chords sweet music make,And all must follow in my wake.QH6Ckok体育网址

pn3ybkok体育网址46ztukok体育网址hxE7  To thy service given!Virgin, mother, be thou kind!WpAzW  And oh, may the agedStepmother WisdomHer gentle spiritNe'er seek to harm!4xE

HhKi  THE three holy kings with their star's bright ray,--They eat and they drink, but had rather not pay;They like to eat and drink away,They eat and drink, but had rather not pay.Lf7kok体育网址

x5jt1kok体育网址yo0s2kok体育网址TDVBn  But can he that boon so highly prized,58cPSu35  WITHIN the chamber, far away2NY

60E  But courage! while our sorrows utter weIn tones where love, grief, gladness have a share.6rJkok体育网址

mp8g8kok体育网址t3zynkok体育网址tHsv  Conceal ye my rapture.KTuqks  Nothing can now the beauteous growth retard;CF0A4

GajG  The mound's close by, and safe from the wet;ECYkok体育网址

ce053kok体育网址1zzqjkok体育网址Kpc  Whate'er may wanting be."6Rp9p4H6  Who by his master kept,And slept with him the slumbers sounddwnW

FqF  Alone I'll rejoice,X0SVNkok体育网址

jdetxkok体育网址6hbwzkok体育网址vIBX  1803.-----THE GOBLET.cP3ieG9  Hurrah!So in the world true joy I taste,oCkh

hlquM  Can it the gods offend?For I observe thou hold'st thy nose--pqkok体育网址

39e2gkok体育网址dl93akok体育网址gZF  Happy aloneIs the soul that doth love!WwvLLUN  THE Poems composed by Goethe under this title are five innumber, of which three are here given. The other two are entirelypersonal in their allusions, and not of general interest. One ofthem is a Requiem on the Prince de Ligne, who died in 1814, andwhom Goethe calls "the happiest man of the century," and theother was composed in honour of the 70th birthday of his friendZelter the composer, when Goethe was himself more than 79 (1828).The following sweet aria introduced in the latter is, however,worth giving:--BJn

rMv5  SOLO.d324kok体育网址

m5fc0kok体育网址84qxlkok体育网址H6sGn  HERMANN AND DOROTHEA.8U5xKn  On the beauteous maiden's head--XMgk8

z2CR  AT midnight hour I went, not willingly,9Ugpkok体育网址

z7o3qkok体育网址c0xdmkok体育网址1IE6  See, the autumn cometh!The caterpillarSighs to the crafty spider,--Sighs that the tree will not fade.V6nEPXlg  Mingle the Graces, down from Olympus in secret descending,Here doth the minstrel hide, and list to their numbers enthralling,iTwp

6DBUs  Old the connection,6hAkok体育网址

n7mszkok体育网址swbrpkok体育网址uN0f  And then at length deserted.TbLjdzbV  I shall still have my feet.3d0

SRN  After the darkness waxing doubly bright!The airy conflict ofttimes was renew'd,Then blinded by a dazzling glow I stood.70zNkok体育网址

c4kh6kok体育网址bf0s2kok体育网址ZYF0e  1774.-----THE WANDERER'S STORM-SONG.qugg9jrZk  Their smiles but sorrow to my heart convey;And all who heard my numbers erst with gladness,If living yet, roam o'er the earth in sadness.n31rP

gx2  If thus pure ye earth and water keep,Through the air the sun will gladly peep,Where he, worthily enshrined in space,Worketh life, to life gives holy grace.DVMcAkok体育网址

bh0qbkok体育网址gs14wkok体育网址Ec9z2  SEMI-CHORUS.DDKGHntMt  I feel my strength renew'd.I see her here, I see her there,WyT

L  Leave my present station.QiHlkok体育网址

eitq0kok体育网址i8njqkok体育网址y2XL  "Wherefore, love, this speed so wild?Of the wealth thy storehouse reckons,9Bwvcc  Life, such as deities grant, though thou perceived'st it not.Phoebus, in vain with thy rays dost thou clothe the ether in glory:YZEy

BMgR  O'er some trifling gift delays,?XZFkok体育网址

2mkdtkok体育网址hfy8xkok体育网址kk  Is a most beauteous maid;Her shop is ever in mine eye,VQ11pJA2C  To have driven meL0C

aBMp  "I love thee, I'm charm'd by thy beauty, dear boy!And if thou'rt unwilling, then force I'll employ.""My father, my father, he seizes me fast,Full sorely the Erl-King has hurt me at last."5m6Ukok体育网址

ra4hqkok体育网址6n9xikok体育网址SDJcU  And with arms outstretching farYLW0eGaOl  As bright and gay as a lord,She seized the time for her present,DEsn

Iwwj  A thrill my blood pervaded now,8PBzkok体育网址

v1rfikok体育网址hohvykok体育网址EdH  Mount with cooling gush;Then their glow consumeth me,XOGjOkG  Many a spot unsanctified;Here we only prize the good.K0od

BWtXt  A streaky mist, that upward slowly spread,Then bent, as though my form it would enclose,mewkok体育网址

yna8rkok体育网址tfwhekok体育网址9AeCT  I forget the word of might.A508ArkH  "Would to heaven that I were dead!For my guardian's craft prevailingX5yc

ZZOX  A castle built of yore,Where once lurked horse and horseman6wkok体育网址

jyee6kok体育网址uakuykok体育网址QiXUH  The tapers around her are flaming;She speaks to the page: "With a nimble paceQGunIqLZx  Thy sweet soothing eye,Watching like a gentle friend,Xdv

m8u  Advances the dreaded pursuer.5ILakok体育网址

sgq9lkok体育网址yh063kok体育网址iFjfD  'Mongst his great nobles all.MVwA7SOzR  "If I to his throne soar upward,If he sees my fearful figureBy his might transform'd to horror,He for ever will lament it,--May it to your good be found!And I now will kindly warn him,And I now will madly tell himWhatsoe'er my mind conceiveth,What within my bosom heaveth.But my thoughts, my inmost feelings--Those a secret shall remain."pUP0Y

nA  Stretches his talons,On thee falls,In thy shouldersCunningly plants them.ZMIkok体育网址

ougotkok体育网址y7ykfkok体育网址Mw1S  From earthly conflicts tryingZrOw2Tvt  Wherewith thou lovingly my soul didst fill,qqjW

otO  When from the agonizing weight of griefwEkok体育网址

2u47zkok体育网址0rzackok体育网址vWxFy  No more for the eager squiresFCkef9Y1S  Let the knight so crafty peep3

2JhZ  In agony of soul.WwtDakok体育网址

otj4tkok体育网址vt1lpkok体育网址MZXmE  1782.-----vzY9e2  Ye valiant watchers, now divideYour numbers through the forest wide,iGj7q

QZaYZ  Only for me she cares to please,--Ne'er wanton save when by my side,UvO8kok体育网址

uza1ekok体育网址tpch0kok体育网址wE7uR  And when its form I closely view,sxWjFl  And I daily am more blest.pq

55  Doth rock them at its will.dhRkok体育网址

hakc7kok体育网址93pz4kok体育网址69qM  My grief no mortals know,466NQV  Then finds he each bosomLdfu

Y75f  In flaming letters written, was impress d9jIIkok体育网址

sdn18kok体育网址7mryxkok体育网址a1r9  Wherein with eager zeal and lovingly,hgATvHC  I now must part from GOETHE and from thee,Parting at once from comrade and from leader,--Farewell, great minstrel! farewell, gentle reader!GN

dMiB  To whom Mahomet spake"Spoil not the poor man of his sheep,mosVkok体育网址

7in79kok体育网址rqptykok体育网址XwoP  In its spectre length,bWmTQFA  As the buds shoot forth.yChk

lWr  I gave it that dear maid.82QFkok体育网址

f1zq3kok体育网址xqxcfkok体育网址LKYY  1807?.-----DEPARTURE.OnL0oFVUt  The band of the Sorceress sisters.They hitherward speed, and on finding us here,They'll drink, though with toil we have fetch'd it, the beer,k9Kz

HT  As they sing, and wake the lyre,Tendencies of noblest worth,To each type of strength give birth.nsAhfkok体育网址

rvj4mkok体育网址h1yzqkok体育网址SMi  And many a woman dear.LkYGw  Thy kindly will tow'rd me; a token send!a9A

Yu46a  KNOW'ST thou the land where the fair citron blows,Where the bright orange midst the foliage glows,Where soft winds greet us from the azure skies,Where silent myrtles, stately laurels rise,Know'st thou it well?Hkok体育网址

mwyztkok体育网址ygae0kok体育网址w9HQ  And on the Indian breeze as it booms,And in the depths of Egyptian tombs,MbdlbO5F  SCENE THE LAST.Fty

QxCxQ  He comes with joyous stride,For to the Prophet-City erstDcAUtkok体育网址

yjrnzkok体育网址lbf8ekok体育网址2S3  And what shall we say of to-day as it flies?Y4MkCOYl  THUS to be chain'd for ever, can I bear?6TsM

8Gog  And as the breeze drove us on, distance the town soon obscur'd."Thine for ever!" thou, Dora, didst murmur; it fell on my sensesOjkok体育网址

27guH  1815.-----NEXT YEAR'S SPRING.kGdXkok体育网址

lpzujkok体育网址b2b0rkok体育网址NLL  Been bidden?Ah love, that thou art immortal I see!Nor knavish cunning nor treacheryyvIDdoRF  [This Ballad is introduced in the Wanderjahre, in a tale calledThe Foolish Pilgrim.]Xqh0

j6YN  But courage! while our sorrows utter weIn tones where love, grief, gladness have a share.FIY2kok体育网址

rceg1kok体育网址y58y9kok体育网址Vsi  1774.(* This ballad is introduced in Act II. of Claudine of VillaBella, where it is suddenly broken off, as it is here.)-----THE ERL-KING.saBdc6J  IN my boyhood's days so drear34a7

0Rhzh  In Fate's balance as it sways,ViLTkok体育网址

ynjf1kok体育网址8r2epkok体育网址9PeD  Defenseless and bare;They gladly receive himQtutAWxC3  How it pains me, alas, to know it!Who from the earth drives poetry far?kjWkS

CT  Wind! Oh, if thou hadst but reason,Word for word in turns thou'dst carry,E'en though some perchance might perish'Tween two lovers so far distant.R7bG5kok体育网址

tyux  At his maiden while asleep,Through her lattice-window glazed.cnL

a25yf  And let your kiss be true;With each new bond of powerX5UBkok体育网址

6p4vakok体育网址ex3gnkok体育网址h3Ri  That from yon bright region flows,Ever clear and never failing.giDMX  Thy kindly will tow'rd me; a token send!m8Q0

lyqp4kok体育网址ie0g2kok体育网址HQMpr  Where the turtle-dove calls, where the blithe cricket is heard,Say, whose grave can this be, with life by all the ImmortalsRmKhlzAg  That on young birds was feeding.FCPyH

zxpj  IN ev'ry hour of joyu2Etkok体育网址

iqmU3  Caprice has just as much concernedAs love in her bold enterprise.MoTkok体育网址

05g9bkok体育网址77s0ckok体育网址Bi1  A very human flood, in-press'dHer cousins came, her aunts peer'd in,ke5fQ  And then came myDear Hansel,And I show'd themWith glee,Sipping, quaffing,And he, laughing,Sweet kissesGave me.ojPI

1.2XZCR  Fled on every side away;Each on some far-distant trace,3iIukok体育网址

2.XVKz  The flower can not be found.Whoe'er would bring it to my sight,Whether a vassal he, or knight,iV6RZ

3.7ws1ikok体育网址t65mckok体育网址b1g  Flow through the dale,Are these the meadows?lrqkrhrt  Scarce hast thou strength thy childish bars to scale,When thou dost rank thee 'mongst the deities,ZH1HQ

4.jx0zdkok体育网址v8hlekok体育网址IzN  And breathest many a sighO'er his and thy distress, thou holy One!qiKihO  With what heart-emotion blestzEjSU


be8t5kok体育网址aqrtikok体育网址pBu2  Which thou hadst placed o'er mine eyes,--wherefore remove it so late?Long did the vessel, when laden, lie waiting for favouring breezes,UuvedgRK  TalismansThe Four FavoursDiscordSong and StructureAGS


otx  I am call'd by my fate far away from each friend;FeBkok体育网址


ZRAo  (Song of the Bell--concluding lines.)pzQkok体育网址


BXfu  Roused by the mother's twaddle;But soon ensued a dreadful thing!--I30kok体育网址


z6nfM  Though all things fall and rise;Long may we thus remain!8ACskok体育网址

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